February 1, 2020
Imagine yourselves standing in a pair of shoes of a young 10-year-old boy living in a homeless shelter. He is preparing a delicious meal for his mom, dad, and siblings. He was given the opportunity to develop cooking skills that he could use someday and couldn’t wait to show his new skills off.

After feeding his family, he became so proud of himself for what he had accomplished. All of a sudden, he found himself to be the center of attention. His family praised him for his courage and dedication to complete a meal on his own. They embraced him with love and gratitude, which was missing from his life for so long. This feeling of love had changed him forever.

He provided a fundamental necessity to his family, and they provided him with the most valuable acknowledgment. The most needed feeling any parent can give is LOVE.

PineAppleWay is working to engage kids in the most vulnerable communities by advancing their social and personal development, empowering one child at a time.

Let’s create more moments of LOVE!

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