According to, more than half the population has been overweight for the past 25 years (that’s over 117 million people). Furthermore, it’s no coincidence that half of American adults experience chronic diseases directly related to unhealthy patterns of eating. Notably, it is important to acknowledge that patterns, healthy or unhealthy, are developed over time. That is to say, forming healthy eating habits as early as possible is crucial because habits have the power to last a lifetime. Hence, the reason Pineapple Way specifically caters to children is to give them the skills to prepare healthier options for a healthier life.

More importantly, Pineapple Way specifically focuses on improving the eating patterns of children through enrichment courses that teach them healthy methods of eating and feeding themselves. For example, the kids apart of our hands-on programs are given both the instruction for preparing healthier meal options as well as their nutritional value. In other words, what separates the programs here at Pineapple Way is the value our organization places on children not only knowing what is healthier and why, but why healthier is better.

In essence, the goal of the programs we have at Pineapple Way are to broaden the horizon of kids who have not been exposed to the joys and benefits of healthy eating. If you are, or know of, an organization in an area impacted by childhood obesity please sign up or refer one of our cooking demos. Help us take the fight to obesity at its source and give future generations the skills for a healthy lifetime.