Gift of Bake for Good Kids

On Saturday, August 17th, PineAppleWay had the honor of hosting a Bake For Good event at the Primo Center for Women and Children in Chicago. Notably, this community cooking demonstration was made possible due to support from our generous sponsor: King Arthur Flour. For those of you who are unaware, Bake For Good is King Arthur Flour’s way of giving back to the community through working with and supporting non-profit organizations across the country. The kindness and contributions of King Arthur Flour has been an integral source of lasting impact throughout many communities as well as the continuation of organizations like PineAppleWay. 

Through events like this, the PineAppleWay team, along with the help of generous volunteers, are able to give Chicago’s disadvantaged a set of tools and skills that can be used wherever life takes them. Furthermore, those in charge of the event focused on giving participants a sense of inclusiveness that is usually absent in everyday society. That is to say, the social taboo of homelessness often prevents those affected by this difficult circumstance from feeling like “proper” members of society. Therefore, making participants feel like useful members of society a gravely important factor for the PineApple Way staff who ran this event.

PineAppleWay’s event at the Primo Shelter was a way for families to bond, as parents learned baking skills right alongside their children. Not to mention the fact that these recipes were all specially selected for their nutritious and practical value. Thus, the success of this most recent event has once again singled out the work of PineAppleWay as a recipe for a healthier life.