Bake For Good

On Friday, July 12, PineApple Way had the honor of hosting a kids event, Bake For Good: Kids, at the Krug Community Circle in Wheeling. We welcomed children and their families to come together and collaborate towards building a healthier, more intimate community. The children were each tasked with preparing either a personalized pizza or challah bread, which they could take home to bake and share with their family. Through a combination of group demonstrations and personalized instruction from PineApple Way instructors, the event attendees successfully crafted their own delicious recipe! In addition to successful food preparation, the children had a chance to give back to the community by donating extra baked goods to a local homeless shelter. Thus, providing each child a chance to step closer to honing the skills and knowledge that would help them fend off childhood obesity for a healthier life.

If you have a child or know of someone that would have enjoyed this program, please sign them up for our event next month! Visit our website: and sign up for next months event to give your child a set of skills and knowledge they can take with them forever.

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